If there's anything I've learnt recently about the music business, it's about the relationships you build.  The people and businesses I've listed here, I consider part of my songwriting family.

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Mary VI Harrison

It was a sliding doors moment in the truest sense in the way I met Mary.

We met at the Australian Songwriters Conference in 2016 and I approached her with an idea for a possible co-write.  I never expected her to take me seriously and we wrote an amazing song together called "Invisible", which won the Adult Contemporary category of the UK Songwriting Contest in 2017.

I have a kindred spirit in Mary and we are working together on our next song "If I light a Candle"

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Kerrie Garside

Kerrie recently left the Central Coast for the Sunshine Coast of Australia. 

I consider her one of my mentors, in understanding the performance side of a song.  In the past, I would just write lyrics, not factoring the breathing of the singer, the performance of the music and the drama of delivering a line.  She was the one who challenged me to get up on stage, sing badly and not apologise for it. 

In 2018 we started co-writing together, with two songs called "Watercolour Girl" and "You n Me".  I'm sure we'll continue to shove each other outside our comfort zones in the years to come.

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Georgie Cooper

The power of the Internet can be a funny thing.

Georgie is one half of the GeorgieDan duo based in London, UK.  We bumped into each other one night during a songwriting challenge and she was having a mini meltdown.  I dared her to do a real time FB messenger co-write, one line at a time and came up with a country ditty called "Don't Call My Number" and a rock track called "Rock Bottom".

From there we built our friendship, chuckling how we're 12 hrs apart on opposite ends of the earth.